Guest Posting

If you have something to say about Faith, Leadership or Ministry then how about writing a Guest Post for the Mark of Faith blog.  It is a great way for you to develop your writing and be read by a wide audience.  Whilst I encourage you to write about what is important to you, it is also important to stay relevant to the topics of this blog.  So here are a few of my suggestions on writing a good guest post:

  1. Choose one idea to write about, if you have more than one idea write more than one post.
  2. Keep it short, about 400-500 words is a good length.  Nobody is read a blog for an in depth academic analysis of a every aspect of a topic so keep it short.
  3. Provide an example from your life – In my posts I hope to show that I am dealing with the issue of the post, not just giving advice that I haven’t tried myself.
  4. Finish with a practical application  It is always important to suggest a way that the reader can use this information in their ministry.
  5. Invite comments – you want readers to engage with the topic so invite comments and interaction.
  6. Promote your post – be proud of your work and show it off to everyone.

Send the post in a word document to me and I will proofread the post.  If I think it needs more work before posting then I will email you my suggestions.  Once it is good to go I will try to post it within a week, perhaps two weeks if there is a lot on the blog already.


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