Mark of Faith

Welcome to my website, Mark of Faith.  Some people ask about the title.  Have you ever met someone for the first time and you just know they are a Christian?  It is because they have the mark of faith on their life.  Have you ever been shopping or bought a product in a store and just known that Christians run the store?  When we encounter a Christian there should be something about them that we recognise even if they never preach the Gospel to us or identify that they go to Church.  When someone has the mark of faith, their life is different to others who drift through life unsure of what they believe in.

Perhaps I resonate with this theme because of my name Mark, and I have Faith, I hope that my Christianity is obvious to those around me.  My hope is that people see my Faith in the way I act, the way I talk and what I do with my life; even if they never attend my ministry.  In reality I have found people often notice my faith, something is different about me; almost nobody is surprised when they find out I work in ministry.

There are a three themes that influence the posts on this website:

  1. Faith – some thoughts and ideas on Faith in the World today
  2. Ministry – gain some new insight into Ministry in a contemporary context
  3. Leadership – become a better leader for your ministry and mission

After almost 20 years in Youth and Young Adult ministry I have many ideas to share.  If you work in youth and young adult ministry then I encourage you to check out the special section of Youth Ministry.


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