Mark McDonald – Christian, Husband, Father, Minister.

From an early age my life has been marked by Faith; not only did I grow up going to church but it actually meant something to me.  Whilst many of my friends and extended family attended church they never really took up the Faith; it seems you don’t get the “Mark of Faith” through attendance.  This website is about exploring what is means to be marked by faith because when you are marked by faith everything changes in your life.  The key topics will therefore centre around Faith, Ministry and Leadership.

My Background

Since 1991 I have been involved in a variety of church or ministry activities.  My experience and knowledge can help you in the areas of Faith, Ministry or Leadership.

Here are a few areas where I have invested my time and energy:

  • Walking with Christ for as long as I can remember
  • 36 years of living in Sydney Australia
  • 20 years in youth ministry
  • 15 years in young adult ministry
  • 20 years of marriage
  • 19 years of parenting
  • 10 years as a ministry consultant
  • 5 years of retreat facilitation
  • 4 years as a blogger
  • 3 years as a church planter
  • 8 years of living in Melbourne Australia
  • Just starting a new adventure as Priest in Charge.

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twitter: @mrmarkmcdonald




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