Who I read

Here are a few people who I recommend that you read if you are ministry:

  1. Michael Hyatt – Michael blogs several times a week on leadership, productivity and social media/networking.  He has recently moved into a greater focus on Platform building which will help you get heard in a noisy world.  Check out his blog at michaelhyatt.com
  2. Chris Lowney – Chris is a great writer who wrote a book about leadership called Heroic Leadership based on the principles he learnt from the Jesuits, an organisation that is over 500 years old.  He shares some timeless principles on leadership that come from the christian experience of a group of men who changed the world.
  3. Carey Nieuwhof – Carey is a church pastor, writer and podcaster from Canada.  His blog posts give great insight into church ministry and leadership.  His posts on breaking growth barriers are very helpful.  On his podcast Carey has extended interviews with his guests and he asks them the hard questions to dig deeper into why a ministry might really be growing or not.  Check out his blog and podcast here: CareyNieuwhof.com
  4. Andy Stanley – Visioneering was a great book that helped me understand that it is God who builds a vision.  I just read his new book Deep & Wide which was very insightful, especially about why Northpoint does what it does.
  5. Doug Fields – Purpose Driven Youth Ministry might look dated by its graphics but it is a great book that sets up a biblical foundation for youth ministry.  Doug also has a blog on Youth Ministry, Family and Marriage.
  6. Tim Keller – Reason for God is a great book that gives a clear reason for God in light of several contemporary questions.  He has a number of books that are well written for an audience that want well explained answers to their questions.  His book on work may help those in ministry understand a Godly perspective on work which will prevent burn out in ministry.
  7. Matt Chandler – well I don’t as much read his material, but I listen to his sermons and podcasts.  Matt is 37years old, took on a small confused Baptist church of 150 people in Highland Village Texas.  Since preaching the Gospel boldly, The Village Church has grown to almost 10,000 people meeting in three locations.  You can download his sermons from The Village Church website.


Leave a comment if you would like to tell me who you are reading at the moment

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