Why I like Vision Sunday videos

It seems to be the season for Vision Sunday videos popping up on youtube and vimeo.  They are becoming more and more common as churches use multimedia to share their vision with their members and those on the fringes of their church.  While more churches are using this format, I don’t grow tired of watching them, even though there are many similarities.  They are not so much a copy of each other as they are similar in the bold way they cast vision.

In this short post here are three reasons I love Vision Sunday videos:

  1. They give me hope – all of the videos that I have seen have made me want to join the church, even though I love my own church.  They shine forth a vision of hope and joy that God will build the Church.  In an era of sexual abuse scandals and low attendance figure I want to connect with the hope that God is and will build His Church.
  2. They take time to make – most of these vision would take weeks to put together, both from a technical point of view and a vision point of view.  These aren’t random thoughts or last minute ideas, they have prayerfully launched a God ordained vision.
  3. They encourage me to be bold – none of the videos that I have seem are promising to do more of the same.  Churches use Vision Sunday videos to launch bold new initiative.  Even if the new ministries perform only half as good as the church hopes it is far bolder than doing nothing.

There are many videos out there that you can watch, some from churches that are from a different denomination to you and I, but watch them anyway.  What bold new hope do you get from watching these?  Please don’t watch them with a cynical attitude of “that will never happen”.  Even if half of it comes off then the Kingdom of God is advance.

Here are two of my favourites:

Liberty Church NYC

Hope Unlimited Church


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